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And these are only a few of the many traditions that come along with getting married. That is, in the west. Around the world, however, marriage customs are taken to a level that Americans would consider a little cuckoo. Varying religious beliefs, culture, and history have produced very different sorts of traditions when it comes to a wedding.

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This tradition is still in use, for example for people who are too sick to attend. However, it isn’t considered common at all. It used to be a more common practice in noble families where a power of attorney was then sent to the future bride.

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Old tradition states that it’s good luck if the bride’s family and the groom’s family bring fire from their own homes to light a new fire at the newlyweds’ house to symbolise the two families joining together. Looking for more wedding traditions? Our Traditions and Symbols pages have even more ideas on how to keep your wedding traditional.

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If you are planning on having a Christian wedding ceremony then you can check out some Bible verses about marriage. Use them for advice or even for writing your own unique Christian wedding vows . If you’ve enjoyed these African quotes on marriage then check out some other interesting African quotes on life in general.

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culture, traditions and customs with particular reference to South African culture, traditions and customs. This will include a brief review at what really constitutes African culture, tradition and custom, and what is a colonial or imperial construct which is now regarded as African culture, tradition

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The culture of South Africa is one of the most diverse in the world. The country boasts of an impressive eleven official languages and other several recognized languages, with each of the group having its own vibrancy and culture. A substantial majority of the South Africans still live in the rural areas where cultural traditions have survived.

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In European wedding tradition, the original or traditional wedding vows are: I, (Groom’s first name), take you (Bride’s first name) to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part

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Chinese Wedding Traditions. Chinese traditions go back thousands of years. Nowadays, many contemporary Chinese wedding traditions have dispensed with some of the more ancient things, leaving couples with the options of what to pick and choose. One interesting custom is the selection of the wedding

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