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A reminder to all our Retailers that it is an offence to sell National Lottery products to anyone under the age of 18. Always ask for ID if you are unsure. Find out More

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The National Lottery has over 8,000 registered retailers spread all over South Africa, so you’re sure to be able to find one near you. To use the store locator, select your province from the dropdown menu. A list of all the retailers in your province will be displayed, …

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Lottery Retailers in Mississippi. There are over 1,000 different lottery retailers in the state of Mississippi, all of whom are able to sell scratch off tickets and tickets for draw games like Powerball and Mega Millions. The tables below show all the retailers in each town and city in the state.

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national lottery retailers near me First, please call ahead to confirm the retailer is open and actively selling lottery. All retailers can cash winning tickets up to $600. To search for a retailer that can cash larger amounts, choose a cashing amount option above. Please call ahead to confirm the retailer’s designated cashing hours and amounts and review how to claim a prize.

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national lottery retailers near me Lottery Retailers qualified as “lucky” by meeting one or more of the criteria below during calendar year 2018: Sold at least one $100,000 or higher winning ticket. Paid out an average of 400 winning tickets per week. Paid out an average of $4,000 in winning tickets per week. Use Search Box at left to find a Lucky Retailer near you!

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Under the Freedom of Information Act please provide a list of all currently active UK National Lottery retailers (terminal locations) in Excel format. If delivered as a comma-separated file (CSV), please use quotation marks around each data field to ensure proper parsing of the data. Information about each retailer should include the following data. If a data item (column) is marked "optional

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national lottery retailers near me The National Lottery funding helps their communities in so many ways. They also get to be the bearer of good news and tell their customers they have a winning ticket. Here at Camelot, we keep our customers close to heart and we are very pleased that The National Lottery is very close to our retailers hearts.

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