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The Turkish National Lottery Administration was formed in 1889 and has been offering their flagship Piyango Lotto game since 1890. The game is one of many offered by the Turkish National Lottery Administration, including the Turkey Super Lotto game, Sans Topu, On Numara and Sayisal, though the Piyango Lotto game is still one of their most popular games.

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Turkey Lotto 6 49

* No winners. Turkish Lottery 6/49 information. Tickets can be purchased in Turkey. Draws are on Wednesday and Saturday. Turkish Lottery 6/49 is organized by Millî Piyango İdaresi .

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The Turkish Lotto 6/49 was established in 1996 and with its traditional lottery 6/49 format prizes usually reach over €2 million. There are a total of 4 prize categories, with secondary prizes being well worth it too so make sure you login to your online account and play the Turkey Lotto 6/49.

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The Turkey Loto 6/49 game, otherwise called Sayisal Loto 6/49, was launched in November, 1996 year.Sayisal actually means “Numerical” Loto in Turkish language. This Turkish 6/49 Lottery is the flagship game offered by the Turkish National Lottery Administration, called Milli Piyango, and was the first lotto style game introduced in Turkey.

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turkey lotto 6/49
Turkey Lotto 6/49 numbers Draw no. 1345 - 8 Aug 2020 . Coming Soon. Results. USA Mega Millions US$ 352 Million. Buy Tickets. Check past Turkey Lotto 6/49 numbers and jackpots. 05 Aug 2020 (9 PM) Draw no. 1345. Coming Soon Jackpot TRY2,490,000. Prizes. 01 Aug 2020 (9 PM) Draw no. 1345. Coming Soon Jackpot TRY2,490,000.

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Turkey Lotto 6/49 is organized by Millî Piyango İdaresi . Official website: www.mpi.gov.tr. Odds of winning in Turkey Lotto 6/49. In Turkey Lotto 6/49 player selects 6 numbers between 1 - 49. Jackpot in Turkey Lotto 6/49 is won by matching 6 numbers. Odds are 1 in 13983816 2. prize you win when you match 5 numbers. Odds are 1 in 54201

Turkey - Lotto 6/49 results 2020 - Turkey - Lotto 6/49

TURKEY LOTTO 649 winning numbers & past drawings. Find all the information on how to check ticket online, how to claim prize, what are the top picks & top prizes remaining.

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